Meet the Polka Dots
The Polka Dot Show is a musical performing group that provides girls aged 3 - 10 the opportunity to learn music theory and basic performance technique through weekly classes, song and dance practice...and lots of giggles. 

 It's not about being the best performer on the stage, 
it's about helping each girl shine on the stage of life.

Our mission is to establish confidence, courage and poise in young girls through music, dance and performance. We hope to inspire a generation of girls to become successful, self-assured women, who realize and use their individual talents and abilities to positively impact individuals and society...and change the world.  Join us!  Or Learn more.

Meet the Director
The Polka Dot Show is directed by Andi Britton.  With a Masters degree in Education and more than 20 years of music experience, she hopes to change the world...by inspiring others to be their best.  Having lived in places like Eastern Europe and Africa, she has seen first-hand how good music can bring out that best in people from all walks of life.  She also believes girls particularly need positive and empowering ways to discover their talents of all kinds.  She started The Polka Dot Show in 2013 to do just that.