Why polka dots?
We at the Polka Dot Show LOVE polka dots!  Why?  Well, polka dots are fun but classy.  Polka dots are individual but part of a group.  Polka dots are bold, creative and beautiful from the inside out.  And that's just what we want to be!

What do Polka Dots do?
Polka Dots meet once a week for 50 minutes where we learn music theory and basic performance techniques by practicing singing and dancing...and having fun! 

The Polka Dot Show has three seasons every year:  Spring, Fall, and a modified Summer season.  The Spring and Fall seasons run concurrently with the school semester (approximately 16 - 20 weeks), with an official end-of-season performance, and an additional 2 - 3 community performances.

The Summer 2013 season will be starting soon!  We will meet once a week for 8 weeks with 1 or 2 end-of-summer community performances.  Email us for details!

Starting in 2014, we will be hosting week-long summer camps that will meet Monday - Friday for 4 hours each day.  We will pick just a couple of music theories and performance concepts and focus on them.  At the end of the week, the girls will put on a small performance at the studio, showcasing what they have learned.
How can my child get involved?
It's so easy!  Just fill out and submit your information on the registration page, or email us directly.  We'll contact you and let you know more details about class schedules and locations.

How much does it cost?
The tuition for The Polka Dot Show is $40 per month, for the Spring and Fall seasons.  There is also a $25 registration fee (see what it covers below).  We offer a 10% discount for those who want to pay full tuition upfront.  The Summer 2013 abreviated semester is $10 per week, with payment due in full at the beginning of each class (contact us for more details).  The cost for the week-long Summer camps starting in 2014 is $125. 

Do you have more than one potential Polka Dot?  Contact us about Double Dot Discounts!

*GREAT NEWS*  The Polka Dot Show has an amazing deal for you!  Recruit a friend and get $10 off your monthly tuition!  Ask us for details!  (Fine Print:  Only one discount per student.  Discount only applies for every month the new recruit pays tuition in full.)

What does my cost cover?
The cost of tuition covers basic business expenses of The Polka Dot Show (i.e., studio rental, licensing, liability insurance, the time and talent of instructors, and all that fun stuff...).  The registration fee covers a Diva Dots kit (basic equipment that we will use in class), Polka Dots t-shirt, and props for performances (i.e., the really fun stuff).  Costumes will be required for the Spring and Fall performances, and more details regarding cost will be given at the beginning of those seasons.  We value your resources and strive to ensure that your Polka Dots experience is not only fun, but cost effective.

What is our time commitment?
Outside of the regular class sessions (see above), we will have official and community performances (see below).  We also encourage girls to practice what they learn in class throughout the week.  We like to think of them as your own in-house entertainment. 

Will there be performances?
Yes!  We think this is the best part!  Polka Dots will have official performances at the end of each of the Spring and Fall seasons.  There will also be the opportunity for mini-performances throughout the community to help girls cultivate their performance techniques and stage presence.  These give each girl the opportunity to not only showcase what she's been learning, but to increase her confidence. It is anticipated that all community performances will be within a reasonable distance from the class location, and details will be communicated at the beginning of each season.  

What can I expect from my child's experience?
You and your child can expect lots of music, lots of dancing, lots of new friends and lots of fun.  Our philosophy is that building a child's confidence comes first.  We provide a safe and accepting environment where girls can learn music and discover their talents while being themselves.  While we strive for excellence, we never forget that it is the girls who really matter most.

I have more questions--who can I contact? 
Send us an email!  We love to hear from people interested in The Polka Dot Show!  We'll be sure to contact you as soon as possible.  A Polka Dot Parent's Packet with additional information will also be given upon registration.